Say YES to the #GreatCommunityGive

Do you LOVE Harrisonburg’s ethos of cooperation and inclusivity?  Have you ever wondered what fosters it?  If so, Harrisonburg’s FairField Center will most certainly be a part of the answer. For more than 30 years, the FairField Center’s mediation, training, civic engagement, and restorative justice programs have helped area residents and organizations listen, plan, and interact effectively. FairField Center also sponsors the popular Harrisonburg International Festival to increase understanding, connectivity, and economic opportunity for Harrisonburg’s large international population.

FairField Center’s conflict resolution programs and services are needed now more than ever. A lot has changed over the last few months because of COVID-19, bringing with it more uncertainty and stress in the workplace, in our neighborhoods, and within our families. Having highly trained and experienced mediators available as we weather this crisis and work to reopen our community is a critical element of the recovery process.

FairField Center’s state-recognized services are available online (and by telephone), and are secure, convenient, and effective. When we reach the “new normal” there is no question FairField Center will have been an integral part of the recovery process and will continue to work with individuals, businesses, and organizations to resolve differences towards agreeable and productive solutions.  

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