Restorative Community Conferencing Training

Looking for a meaningful way to serve your community? Consider taking our next Restorative Community Conferencing course to learn to co-facilitate Restorative Justice cases.

Not sure what is RJ all about? This alternative approach to wrongdoing focuses on repairing the harm done rather than just punishing the perpetrator. Crime harms people and relationships, RJ seeks to put those harms right to the extent possible. It is also about meeting the needs of the harmed party while creating space for the wrongdoer to take responsibility for their actions in a productive and meaningful manner. This is done with a face to face dialogue where listening and understanding are key elements. Each member of the session has a voice in creating a plan to repair the harm and to prevent further wrongdoing. Restorative Justice is about empowering people to participate in the justice process.

Such dialogues are facilitated by highly trained personnel who are committed to Restorative Justice values, which include respect, inclusivity, honesty and participation; and the overarching goal of putting things right.

The next Restorative Community Conferencing course is set for Oct. 10, 13, & 14.