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Workplace Conflict

Conflict is natural. We all experience it in our lives, whether from family members, coworkers, or individuals in our community. Often these disagreements are minor enough that they can be easily resolved. Occasionally, however, conflicts can grow beyond the point where an easy solution is possible.

These are the cases where mediation can be helpful. Certified conflict mediators are trained individuals with experience helping people work through their differences. These mediators are trained to assist with workplace challenges, such as:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Business Dissolution
  • Employee-Employee
  • Supervisor-Employee
  • Team Projects
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Business-Business Relations

If a crime has occurred in the workplace between two parties, judges can assign mediators to use restorative justice practices to help victims and offenders come to an agreement together without needing to go through the time and expense of the court system.

Conflict comes in many forms. FairField Center helps people work together to create agreements and move towards solving difficult issues.

If your organization is experiencing conflict in the workplace, please contact Tim Ruebke, FairField’s Executive Director, at or (540) 434-0059.

If you are the victim or offender of a crime and would like more information about using restorative justice in your situation, please contact Sue Praill, FairField’s Director of Restorative Justice Initiatives, at or (540) 434-0059.

Interested in our business training programs? Visit our Training Programs page for more information.

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FairField Center is the longest-operating mediation services organization in Virginia. With more than 40 certified mediators readily available, FairField responds quickly to requests and works with clients to develop a suitable mediation schedule. Our experienced mediators are committed to staying on the cutting edge of this ever-changing field.