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Workplace Conduct

The following classes provided by FairField Center teach various ways to avoid and respond to situation of negative workplace conduct. They can be tailored for individuals or groups. Contact us for detailed information about any of the classes.

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm  |  (540) 434-0059  |

Sexual Harassment Prevention (2-3 hours)

Focused on increasing participants’ knowledge and awareness of sexual harassment issues to prevent problems from developing and sustaining a positive work environment.

Principles & Applications of Restorative Justice (2-16 hours)

To help create and sustain safer workplace environments, participants learn principles, skills and strategies for dealing with workplace acts of wrong-doing from a restorative framework.

Dealing with Intense Emotions (2 hours)

Participants learn the skills of defusing strong feelings of others to be more effective.