New Police-Referred Mediation Program Underway in Staunton

Staunton police officers now have another tool for assistancing in civil dispute settlement, thanks to a new grant-funded program developed in partnership between Staunton City Police, Resolution Virginia, Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention, and FairField Center.

The Staunton Police-Referred Mediaton Program allows law enforcement to refer individuals with non-criminal issues for free mediation services that can help them resolve conflicts and find long-term solutions to problems.

What is Mediation? Mediation is a way to talk things out and come up with plans for an agreeable way forward.

Key Components:

  • Trained and certified mediators don’t take sides and help those involved find solutions.
  • Mediation is private, confidential, and happens in a comfortable setting.
  • Mediation finds solutions without involving the police or courts.
  • Mediation is for civil disputes, not criminal cases.

For more information contact: FairField Center 540.434.0059 ext 1

Photo courtesy © RatedRadarDetector Photographer Rose Ketchum