“In an unfortunate situation, [the mediators] were calming, professional and seem to really care for a resolution.” 

–Individual mediation client

“We had a momentary opportunity to settle the case right now – had we waited even another two weeks, it may have been too late, because the ‘facts on the ground,’ the sunk costs, the running of interest and legal fees, were shifting every day. Because you were able to schedule us so quickly, we were able to arrive at a settlement solution which never could have been accomplished in Court – and everyone walked away satisfied.”

–Business mediation client

Conflict is natural. We all experience it in our lives, whether with family members, coworkers, or individuals in our community. Often these disagreements are minor enough that they can be easily resolved. Occasionally, however, interpersonal conflicts grow beyond the point where an easy solution is possible.

Mediation can help. Certified conflict mediators are trained individuals with experience helping people sit together and work through their differences. They are equipped to help in many different circumstances, including divorce and custody disputes, sexual harassment and diversity issues, conflict between neighbors, personal injury, and many others.

When crime is involved. If a crime has occurred between two parties, judges can assign mediators to use restorative justice practices to help victims and offenders come to an agreement together without needing to go through the time and expense of the court system.

If you are experiencing conflict with others in any area of your life, please contact Mediation Services at or (540)434-0059 ext. 1

If you are the victim or offender of a crime and would like more information about restorative justice as way to resolve conflict, contact Sue Praill, FairField’s Director of Restorative Justice Initiatives, at


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