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Restorative Justice

FairField Center has a simple mission: help people listen, plan, and interact peaceably. We do this by providing conflict mediation, group facilitation, and ongoing planning services to the community. We strive to help clients discuss their disagreements and come to a solution together.

In situations where crime or wrongdoing are the issue, Restorative Justice becomes a powerful option. Though the court system can handle these cases, they can become expensive, messy, drawn out affairs. As a legal alternative, FairField Center provides certified Restorative Justice practitioners to assist individuals or groups involved in a crime.

If agreed upon by both the victim(s) and offender(s), Restorative Justice brings all parties involved in a crime together to discuss the situation. The offender must admit to the crime, face the people they have harmed, and listen to the victims describe how their lives have been affected by the criminal wrongdoing. The facilitator works with both parties to draft a solution that is satisfactory to everyone involved and design a plan of implementation. This plan should be appropriate to the wrongdoing, acceptable and achievable by the perpetrator(s) while meeting the needs of the person(s) harmed.

If you or someone you know is involved in a crime that might be handled through Restorative Justice, please contact Sue Praill, FairField’s Director of Restorative Justice Initiatives, at For more information about Restorative Justice, visit our Educational Resources page.