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A key part of FairField Center’s mission involves training community members in the skill of mediation. Mediation is a way to resolve misunderstandings, miscommunication and conflicts, usually involving a trained individual intervening in a dispute in order to resolve it.

Basic mediation training involves strengthening interpersonal skills such as active listening, negotiation, paraphrasing, and conflict resolution. These general skills are useful in any context, whether you are mediating between individuals in conflict, communicating ideas during a meeting, or having a family conversation. Advanced mediation classes certify individuals to work within areas such as the Virginia Judicial System, domestic abuse, restorative community conferencing, and mentoring others.

If training in mediation interests you, please contact Aaron Hagmaier, Director of Mediation, at or (540) 434-0059 ext. 1.

To register for a mediation training, visit our FairField Training page.

For further readings about mediation, visit our Educational Resources page.