#GCG2022 – What does community look like?

What does true community look like to you? At Harrisonburg’s FairField Center, the vision of community is one of inclusivity, equity, and the just resolution of conflicts. For 40 years, FairField Center programs have been empowering individuals and communities to live and work together towards true community. By providing interpersonal mediation services, restorative justice programs, mediation training, co-parenting workshops, and training/coaching services for businesses, organizations, and government agencies, FairField Center has helped thousands resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and improve joint decision-making. 

In response to the challenges of the pandemic, FairField Center pivoted to make its state-recognized services available online (and by telephone). The demand for services has increased as a result, and FairField Center is rising to the need. 

HISTORY. Founded in 1982, the FairField Center was originally known as the Community Mediation Center. It was the first mediation program established in Virginia. Over the years FairField Center has been instrumental in the development of many local and regional programs and sponsored a range of community events, including the Harrisonburg International Festival and the International Women’s Day event.   

Early Giving starts April 6!