FairField Center Welcomes New Board Member

Harrisonburg’s FairField Center announced a recent addition to its Board of Directors, with Eastern Mennonite University (EMU)’s Travis Pettit coming on as a director. Pettit brings a background in management, organizational development, banking, and marketing to the board. He is currently director of admissions and marketing for all graduate, adult, and seminary programs at EMU.

“I am looking forward to working with the FairField Center’s various mediation, restorative justice, business services, and civic engagement programs. The impact these services can have on individuals, families, businesses, and organizations in our community is quite transformative, and expanding the knowledge and understanding of what FairField has to offer is a big priority in the coming months,” said Pettit about the new position.

The current Board of Directors also includes:

Claudia Lopez-Muniz, President – New Directions Center, Inc
Karen Myers, Vice-President – James Madison University
Bill Goldberg, Treasurer – Eastern Mennonite University
Kathy Evans, PhD,  Secretary – Eastern Mennonite University
Deb Atno-Shelton, 5th Member – Augusta Psychologists Association
Mike Ferguson, DuPont Community Credit Union
Karin Flagle, Blue Ridge Insurance Services, Inc.
Hope Rias, PhD – Bridgewater College
Marshall Yoder– Wharton, Aldhizer & Weaver

“We are extremely grateful for the expertise and service-minded dedication that our board members, both new and outgoing, provide this organization. Watch for many more great opportunities and programs from FairField Center,” said Executive Director Tim Ruebke.

Harrisonburg’s FairField Center was founded in 1982 and was originally known as the Community Mediation Center. It was the first mediation program established in Virginia. Since its inception, FairField Center has served a cross-section of Virginia’s population, providing not only interpersonal mediation services, but also restorative justice programs and facilitation and training to help resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and improve joint decision-making for schools, businesses, organizations, and communities-at-large. FairField Center’s civic engagement branch sponsors a range of community events, including the Harrisonburg International Festival which is set for September 29, 2018 in downtown Harrisonburg.