Benefits of Restorative Justice

To the victim:

  • Involvement in the justice process
  • Opportunity to tell their story, to be heard and understood.
  • Opportunity to ask questions about the crime, such as: Was I targeted?, Will it happen again?, Am I safe?
  • Able to express anger and pain directly to person(s) responsible
  • Put a face to the offender
  • Decrease level of fear by personalizing the offender

To the offender:

  • Is held accountable by facing their victims
  • See the human cost of his/her actions
  • Has opportunity to have a say in making things right
  • Has opportunity to develop empathy and responsibility
  • Improved relationships with community members

To the community:

  • Stronger connections between people
  • Community building as members take part in conferences as mediators or participants
  • Opportunity to be involved in problem solving instead of relying on the state for solutions
  • Long-term health of the community is strengthened
  • Decreased fear of crime
  • Active involvement in justice process is empowering