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Tim Ruebke  |  Executive Director

For more than twenty-five years, Tim has effectively delivered communication, planning, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services at individual, local, state and federal levels. He is certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia as a mentor mediator and trainer, credentialed for USPS EEO REDRESS and USDA mediations, and is an ADR Advisor with FEMA. Tim specializes in providing leadership and communication coaching (one-on-one and group); opening communications and reaching sound decisions in challenging workplace matters; and helping teams work together more effectively.


ᵒ M.A. in Conflict Transformation (Eastern Mennonite University)
ᵒ B.S. in Social Work (Eastern Mennonite University)
ᵒ A.A. in Liberal Arts (Hesston College)
ᵒ Certified Mentor Mediator and Training Instructor by the Judicial Council of Virginia.

Nancy Munoz  |  Assistant Director

Nancy is a certified mediator and Spanish-English interpreter who follows FairField’s Spanish cases from referral to completion. She is instrumental in planning, coordinating, and ensuring representation of Spanish-speaking individuals at various Harrisonburg events including the International Women’s Day March and the Harrisonburg International Festival. Nancy is passionate about community advocacy, and interned with NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center to help people find beneficial local resources.


ᵒ Associates Degree in Human Services (Blue Ridge Community College)
ᵒ Interpreter Training Certificate of Completion (Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center)

Aaron Hagmaier  |  Director of Mediation Services

Aaron is a retired USAF Major with twenty-two years’ experience in supervising human relations interactions, managing projects, academic instruction, and training and courseware development. He is a proven leader in stressful operational settings and has experience dealing with issues arising in multi-cultural environments. Aaron has supervised over 100 interns, 5200+ cases, and 11,400 clients involving business, family and civil issues.


ᵒ M.A. in Human Relations (University of Oklahoma)
ᵒ B.S. in Accounting (Lee University)
ᵒ Certified Mediator and Mentor Instructor for General District Court, Juvenile & Domestic Relations, Circuit Civil Family, and Circuit Court Civil.

 Shannon Sneary Alabanza  |  Director of Training

Shannon is a Circuit Court Family certified mediator who has completed over 500 meditations involving conflict in divorce, estate issues, and interpersonal workplace conflict. She coordinates 22 Virginia state certified training programs that draw 100+ mediators a year. Additionally, Shannon leads  workshops for managers, employees, families, and communities to learn better ways of communicating, negotiating and resolving conflict.


ᵒ B.S in Social Work (Eastern Mennonite University)
ᵒ Certified Mediation Trainer by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Sue Praill  |  Director of Restorative Justice

Sue is a trained restorative justice and circle process facilitator who has managed over 40 restorative justice cases for FairField. She has trained groups of Restorative Community Conferencing facilitators, educators, and police officers in restorative justice practices and regularly presents to civic groups, court officials, and community members. Sue has collaborated with other experts to develop curriculums for restorative justice programs, and has personally facilitated 20 Juvenile Victim Impact programs and 15 groups of prison inmates.


ᵒ M.A. in Conflict Transformation, concentration in Restorative Justice (Eastern Mennonite University)
ᵒ B.A. in Education (Brighton University and Shepherd University)
ᵒ Certified Mediator for Juvenile and District Court.

Sara Levinson  |  Director of Development and Innovation

Sara has worked for over 20 years with businesses, organizations, and communities to address the challenges of growth, expansion, and organizational restructuring. Tools used to achieve these goals include strategic planning, securing project funding, and negotiation and establishment of strategic alliances. Sara has experience working with non-profits, service organizations, tech firms, and manufacturing and distribution operations. In addition to involvement with FairField Center, she is a Business Advisor for the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center in Harrisonburg.


ᵒ M.B.A., focus in Operations and Organizational Management (University of Western Ontario)
ᵒ B.A. in Economics (Concordia University)