Truancy Mediation Services

What is Truancy Mediation?

Truancy mediation is a collaborative-solutions approach to truancy and attendance problems. Truancy/Attendance mediation brings together students, families and school administrators to discuss poor attendance.

Other issues, such as behavioral concerns, academic declines and the student’s emotional well-being are also discussed in these sessions. The meeting is facilitated by trained and experienced Fairfield Center mediators and is focused on problem solving.

All parties work together to build understanding, brainstorm ideas to address issues and concerns and develop mutually satisfactory options for resolving truant behavior and related attendance problems.

Statistics on various national and state levels indicate that mediation helps reduce problems with attendance and tardiness.

Additional Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Helps students achieve a higher level of self-worth and a sense of accomplishment
  • Facilitates better communication within families and builds partnerships between families and schools
  • Contributes to a healthier home and school environment
  • Provides schools with an alternative method for reducing poor attendance
  • Provides a model of communication that is positive, respectful and honest
  • Reducing truancy can help prevent more serious problems such as vandalism, drug abuse and gang association
  • Demonstrates that there are many solutions to a problem and allows individuals to view problems as challenges
  • Interprets misunderstandings and builds a sense of respect and openness among parties
  • Indicates ways the solution could change and identifies steps for making changes
  • Focuses on making education a positive experience
  • Acknowledged by educators and truancy officers as an effective tool

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