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Facilitating Effective Meetings

Facilitator (n) – someone who makes progress easier

Our job is to help your business, organization, team or group have productive, efficient and creative meetings that focus on specific goals. We have a team of professionals with a range of experience, which allows us to match you with someone appropriate for your goals, culture and budget.

Can you afford wasted time and inefficient meetings?

Think of a time you attended a meeting where

  • the discussion went off track and dragged on and on;

  • a few loud voices dominated everyone else;

  • not everyone had a chance to participate; and

  • time was wasted.

Now, think of a time you attended a meeting where

  • the discussion was rich and focused;

  • decisions were made about how to move forward;

  • participants were productive and creative; and

  • everyone could participate freely.

Our facilitators have expertise in

  • Strategic planning processes

  • Brainstorming solutions

  • Exploring new ideas

  • Working through conflict

  • Community dialogues and/or debates

  • Making group decisions

  • Designing a standard conference with speakers and question/answer sessions

  • Designing a retreat or conference with innovative self-organizing tools

  • Working with for-profits and non-profits

  • Working with local, state and federal government

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