Organization Services

FairField Center offers a broad range of professional facilitation, communications excellence training, and conflict resolution to businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, communities of worship, and other team-oriented groups.

The best way to know how FairField can best serve your organization is to speak directly with a staff member! We are eager to hear about your inquiry and discuss what might be possible for your organization.

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Business and community leaders don’t have time to waste.

Long, inefficient meetings aren’t only a waste of time – they cost money and motivation. It can be difficult for a leader to plan and organize a meeting, create a thoughtful agenda, moderate the meeting, participate freely, make sure everyone else can participate, stay on track, and then record what happened.


Fairfield is here to help leaders have great meetings.

Perhaps your organization needs to brainstorm new directions, decide on next steps, review the strategic plan, or discuss a conflict or miscommunication. Maybe you would like to host a retreat, or a networking event.

We are practical, professional, and affordable.

Fairfield has a network of professional facilitators who help businesses and groups meet their goals efficiently and creatively.  Fairfield is at your service for planning meetings, retreats, conferences and strategic planning processes for businesses, organizations, teams, and communities. Fairfield facilitators have extensive experience working with groups of varying sizes, in different contexts, with diverse objectives.

Experience with Conflict and Miscommunication

Fairfield has expertise in developing grievance procedures, resolving costly conflict and miscommunication, and offering a range of professional development training.

Based in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

FairField’s headquarters are in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. The service area covers the central Valley, the rest of Virginia, and Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina.   Other locations are also possible, as Bluestone facilitators have offered training in the midwestern states and in Europe.

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions Improve communications in your workplace, organization, church, family with a FairField Center custom workshop!  Contact us with your questions today – 540.434.0059  or Here is a sampling of our offerings: Communication and Conflict Styles in the Workplace (2-3 hours) Completing the survey and workshop offers specific and practical help for dealing with differences …

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Facilitating Effective Meetings

Facilitator (n) – someone who makes progress easier Our job is to help your business, organization, team or group have productive, efficient and creative meetings that focus on specific goals. We have a team of professionals with a range of experience, which allows us to match you with someone appropriate for your goals, culture and …

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Past Client List

Past Client List (Edit Page) The Fairfield Center is proud to work with a broad range of organizations.  Below is a selected list past and current Fairfield clients. Adolescent Health Initiatives Boys and Girls Club City of Staunton City of Harrisonburg Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Eastern Mennonite University Endless Caverns Family Refugee Center Friendly …

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Peacemaking Circles

Peacemaking Circles Circles provide a space for relationship building, exploring difficult issues and problem solving in a safe, egalitarian, non-threatening manner. A Circle Keeper creates the safe space for dialogue to occur but does not direct the process. The use of a Talking Piece allows just one person to speak without being interrupted and for …

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Strategic Planning

Can you afford wasted time and inefficient meetings? Our job is to help your business, organization, team or group have productive, efficient and creative meetings that focus on specific goals. We have a team of professional facilitators with a range of experience. Contact us to schedule a time to meet and let us match you …

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Workplace Mediation

FairField Center has expertise in workplace-oriented conflict. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Business Dissolution Employee-Employee Supervisor-Employee Team Projects Business-Business Relations Strategic Planning Why FairField Center? We are the longest-operating mediation services organization in Virginia. With more than 40 certified mediators readily available, FairField responds to requests quickly and works with clients to develop a suitable mediation schedule. …

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