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Report of Community Forum
Prepared by the 4C Campus Community Civic Collaborative

On April 26, 2014, approximately 30 community members from the Harrisonburg/ Valley area gathered at the Muhlenberg Lutheran Church to discuss mental health in the community. The event was hosted by the 4C Campus Community Civic Collaborative, a partnership between the Fairfield Center and the JMU School of Communication Studies, as part of a Kettering Foundation initiative to promote conversation about this important issue in communities around the country.
The forum followed a modified National Issues Forum format. Discussions took place in small circles with a trained 4C
Discussion Circles Mental Health Forum

Discussion Circles
Mental Health Forum

facilitator and note taker in each group to guide the process and record the thoughts shared during the dialogue.
Participants considered the challenges our community faces in supporting mental health and addressing mental illness, then deliberated on the benefits and trade-offs of policies the community might adopt in order to support mental health, and finally reflected on the discussion to identify common ground found in the conversation.
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