International Festival


Harrisonburg International Festival 2015
September 26, 12 – 6 pm
Hillandale Park, Harrisonburg

Get involved! Contact us:
40.434.0059 x5

FairField Center hires new director for
Harrisonburg International Festival

The FairField Center is pleased to announce Mr. Boris Ozuna as the new Director for the Harrisonburg International Festival. Ozuna takes over as Ms. Vaunda Brown retires after 17 years of exemplary service as Festival Coordinator.


Boris Ozuna, Director International Festival

Festival Director: Originally from Sincelejo, Colombia,  Boris Ozuna came to the United States as an international student to study at Eastern Mennonite University. He has worked in Washington D.C. and Columbia in the areas of community organizing, family literacy and homelessness. Ozuna is excited to be working in the area of intercultural education and art, both of which he sees as facilitating creativity.

A Community Event: The International Festival depends on the hard work, time, energy and creativity of hundreds of volunteers each year. As such, it belongs to the community and Mr. Ozuna looks forward to serving the community in his work with the gifted and generous volunteers who make the Festival happen.

To get involved with the Festival, please contact Ozuna at

Harrisonburg International Festival  strives to celebrate the diversity of Harrisonburg and the surrounding communities by providing a friendly forum in which cultural groups can showcase their cultural and linguistic values as a means to educate the larger community and to support awareness for their presence and contribution.  This is a rain or shine event on the fourth Saturday in September.

The Harrisonburg International Festival is a program of the FairField Center Civic Engagement branch.