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Mediation Training

All of FairField’s mediation courses are certified by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Basic Mediation Training

This is an experiential training in the basic principles of negotiation and conflict resolution, the mediation process, communication skills and issues faced by mediators.  Instructors will use role plays and practice activities applicable to real life situation and General District Court level cases.
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Virginia Judicial System

This course provides an overview of the Virginia Judicial System.  Both jurisdictional issues as well as procedural issues will be discussed, especially how these issues relate to mediation at each level of court.  This is a required course for mediation certification at any level in Virginia, but may be waived by DRS for members in good standing with the Virginia Bar.
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Family Mediation Training

This is designed for people who have completed a basic mediation training course and want to expand their skills and practice to include separation cases involving parenting issues such as custody, visitation and child support at the JDR court level.  Instructors use role plays, case examples and ethical dilemmas to further participants understanding and build skills levels.
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Domestic Abuse and Mediation

This focuses on understanding domestic abuse and how it relates to mediation.  Topics include identifying domestic abuse, safety issues for clients and mediators, and providing screening tools and skills for initial and ongoing screening. This course is required for certification at the JDR/Family court level in Virginia.
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Circuit Court Civil Mediation Training

This is an advanced workshop emphasizing the more complex civil disputes and issues at the Circuit Court level which involve working with attorneys, resource people and multiple disputing parties. This workshop will focus on negotiation skills, advanced strategies and techniques, planning/preparation of and agreement writing.
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Circuit Court Family Mediation Training

This is an advanced workshop for family mediators focusing on equitable distribution, asset identification, pension, insurance and tax issues at the Circuit Court level. Developing advanced skills in facilitating decisions making, handling anger and strong emotions, caucusing and balancing power are also included.
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Mentoring Others

Learn techniques for pre-mediation planning and post mediation feedback, as well as expectations for completion of the Mentee Evaluation form.  Workshop completion is required for mediators seeking certification as a mentor.
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