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Interpersonal Conflict

The purpose of FairField Center’s Conflict Resolution Services is to enhance communication and dialogue between parties through mediation and facilitation services.

Conflict Resolution Services accomplishes the majority of its work through court-ordered and client pay mediation sessions. Over 65% of our cases involve family disputes, but we have mediators certified to mediate a variety of cases. For a more complete list of our services, please see our Mediation Services tab.

We work things out:

85% of the people we work with say that, as a result of our mediation services, they reach some sort of agreement with 95% indicating the process was helpful. Almost 70% reported the agreement was still working nine months later. Participants and their loved ones benefit when they are not tied up in emotional, financial, and lengthy fights or court battles.

We help make things better:

Nine months after mediation has ended, 60% of clients say their communication has improved, which is highly valuable when the maintenance of a relationship (i.e. family, workplace, and organizational matters) is important.

We give people power:

Nearly 75% of respondents say FairField’s mediation services gave them a sense of control. In times of stress, people feel overwhelmed and stuck, or out of control. FairField Community Mediation is the best way to bring conflicting parties together to get clear about the issues, to make good decisions about what will work, and to ultimately have better control over their lives.