Course Descriptions

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Here is a sampling of our offerings:

  • Communication and Conflict Styles in the Workplace (2-3 hours):  Completing the survey and workshop offers specific and practical help for dealing with differences in how people approach conflict.  Understand the difference between calm and stormy situations.
  • Dealing with Intense Emotions (2 hours):  Participants learn the skills of defusing strong feelings of others to be more effective.
  • Communication Skills & Difficult Conversations (2-8 hours):  Recommended at the 6-8 hour time-frame; gain confidence and skills in holding difficult conversations that get positive results.
  • Manager as Mediator:  Roles & Responsibilities (6-20 hours):  Learn the skills and process of helping others in conflict talk out their issues cooperatively.  The full 20-hour training qualifies toward mediator certification by the Supreme Court of Virginia.
  • Facilitating Group Decisions and Conflicted Topics (6-16 hours): Meetings, teams and committees are an important part of modern work and community environments.  Learn ways to run effective meetings that get people involved and produces results.
  • Listening 101 (8 hours): This one-month course focuses on identifying and overcoming blocks to listening.  The course meets via conference call once a week for four weeks, and designed to be taken with a group (e.g. sales team, business staff, church group, or family).
  • Principles & Applications of Restorative Justice (2-16 hours):  To help create and sustain safer workplace environments, participants learn principles, skills and strategies for dealing with workplace acts of wrong-doing from a restorative framework.
  • Diversity & Sensitivity Training (3-4 hours):  Covers assumptions, stereotypes and research, as well as the role our life experiences play in determining our values, perceptions and group identification.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (2-3 hours):  Focused on increasing participants’ knowledge and awareness of sexual harassment issues to prevent problems from developing and sustaining a positive work environment.
  • Peer Mediation An extended project for schools or other organizations hosting young people, Peer Mediation involves trained students mediating certain conflicts and miscommunication between fellow students. Click here for more information.