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Fairfield Center International Festival

Harrisonburg International Festival 2012

  • Conflict Resolution — We resolve disputes of all kinds – divorce, property, workplace, school-based and more. Clients come to us privately or referred by court.
  • Restorative Justice — We respond to crime with processes that allow victims to be heard, offenders to take responsibility, communities to heal.
  • Business Services — We improve communications and efficiency within your businesses through custom seminars based on your needs.
  • Civic Engagement — We bring people together to celebrate culture in the Harrisonburg International Festival. We encourage people to share ideas and concerns in community forums.
  • Training — We empower people to communicate confidently and to manage conflict at work, at home and in relationships – sign up today!

We offer opportunities to the community:

  • Training in Mediation: Basic, Family, General District Court, Circuit Civil Court, and Circuit Family Court. Professional and Personal Development training are also available. Course descriptions.
  • Internships & Volunteer positions in Conflict Resolution, Development, Civic Engagement, and Restorative Justice. Get involved.
  • Community Forums moderated and organized by Fairfield – for example, Harrisonburg Summits, Local Forum on Reducing Gun Violence, and Consumer Protection for the Local Immigrant Community

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Now in its 30th year, Fairfield Center is integral to the community and region. We serve Harrisonburg-Rockingham and Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro.
95% of people who have taken advantage of the Fairfield Center’s Conflict Resolution Services report finding the process helpful.
Resolving thousands of disputes over three decades, Fairfield contributes to quality of life by showing a more peaceful way forward.